What is FullTilt Labs?
FullTilt Labs is a premium cannabis company solely family owned and operated focusing on the plant and pushing the genetics to new heights. Everything we grow is small batch and all of our manufactured products are solventless. We strive to give the consumer the best possible cannabis experience.

Where can I buy FullTilt Labs product?
FullTilt Labs products can only be purchased from licensed New Jersey retailers. We will provide a list of dispensaries and a list of all products those select dispensaries will offer.

What makes FullTilt Labs different from other cannabis brands?
What sets FullTilt Labs apart is the attention to detail we take with our garden. We are all about pushing the limits of the plants to provide the consumer with the ultimate product. We are also small batch so we have much more of a hands on approach with every plant we grow.

Can I distribute FullTilt Labs product at my dispensary?
You definitely can distribute FullTilt Labs products at your dispensary. Please contact Sammy at sammy.piazza@fulltiltlabs.com.

What is the return policy on apparel items?
All sales from FullTiltLabs.com are final. No returns or exchanges. Any questions, please email shop@fulltiltlabs.com.

Can FullTilt Labs products be purchased online?
No. Our online store is specifically set up for only apparel. Please find your licensed retailer to purchase any other FullTilt Labs products.